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City of Forever

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Ecco for PC [Jun. 1st, 2005|10:52 am]
City of Forever


[feeln' |nostalgicnostalgic]

Hi guys!
I just joined.
I've only ever played the original Ecco and ToT for the Genesis; I played DotF for about five minutes on a PS2 and could not get used to the controls for crap. I kept crashing into stuff and going down when I wanted up, etc.
I saw on GameFAQs that there's an Ecco game for the PC, that came out in '96. I don't have a working Genesis anymore, and besides, both my Ecco games scarcely function, and I'm dying for a little Genesis-era action. I don't have any ROMs nor do I know where to get any.
So does anyone know anything about this PC game or where I could get it?

P.S. Good choice on the name for this community. The beauty of the City of Forever level haunts me still.

[User Picture]From: robocoon
2005-06-01 04:13 pm (UTC)
The Ecco PC game doesn't work on anything higher than Windows 98.

I can send you the roms and an emulator once I get back to my house (I'm on a public computer right now). I'll comment here when I have them up.
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